It's not about learning to cook. It's about learning to trust yourself in the kitchen.

Claire is a leader in intuitive cooking. She runs a growing & engaged Instagram account @clairematern where she posts daily stories breaking meals down by sense and instinct (including her favorite bonus sense we all have and forget about in the kitchen: common sense.)

The daughter of a chef, her mission is to teach cooking the way she was taught: to use intuition and senses to pull together simple, everyday meals. Her biggest belief is that we don’t learn to cook, but rather learn to trust ourselves in the kitchen and the rest falls into place.

Claire is pursuing a career in presenting and broadcasting, bringing the needed voice for common sense cooking and kitchen confidence to the Millennial generation, through video, television, and social media.

Celebrate getting to cook. Don't complain about having to cook.

Claire grew up the daughter of a French-trained chef, 40-year veteran of New York’s food industry (her father is the former general manager of Dean & Deluca) and longtime cheesemonger in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Everything Claire knows about food, but especially the way to approach it: humbly, simply, and to allow ingredients to stand for themselves, she learned from her dad.

Goals can be long-term, intermediate, or short-term. The primary difference is the time required to achieve them.