Blood Orange Beer Cocktail | A Cheesemonger's Daughter
Sweeter than an average orange they have the perfect amount of tartness to the spicy kick and rich flavor of this beer cocktail.
If jalapeño isn’t you thing don’t sweat it (literally. Too much of that wee pepper can send alarm bells to the upper lip and forehead,) leave it out. Though it adds more of a fresh crispness more than anything. And cuts through the ruby sweetness of the blood orange. 
I don’t care for super hoppy beers so stuck with a light German wheat beer. I think a lighter crisper beer also works best with the blood orange and jalapeño. Find one with some citrusy notes and you’re properly in business.

prep 5 mins | serves 1


  • 2oz/60ml blood orange juice
  • 1oz/30ml bourbon
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 2oz/60ml beer (I used Paulaner, not bitter, low hoppiness wheat beer)
  • 1 slice jalapeño

the how-tos

  1. Combine the blood orange juice, jalapeño, bourbon and honey in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Pour into a glass with ice, top off with the beer and garnish with another slice of jalapeño

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